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Our Team Offers Forward In Excess Of 100 Years Of Accumulated Commerce And Trade Corporate Experience At Your Service - Capital To Projects Expedited With Core Respect To Aged Mother Nature

C$C - Capital Idea$ Central - elevates Investors / Lenders Placements Into Smoother Success Via Our Knowledge Network - Since 1984
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Within this opportunity envelope of the west coast of North America resides virginal economic opportunities governed through a vibrant democratic regime that invites a multitude of investment resources from around the globe.  As an island territory; which hosts the British Columbia capital city of Victoria, as one of ten Crown Canada provinces and three territories, investors are encouraged to consider both land based projects, as well as marine platforms. Vancouver Island is 12,400 sq mi in total area; with 12.079 sq mi of land mass - 283 miles in length.

Vancouver Island Is populated by 865,000 people - with nearly 50% living within the metropolitan Greater Victoria region; and, resides as the 43rd largest island in the world; Canada's second most populous island.

European explorations began in the early 1700s; and, were accompanied with Russian commercial ventures : both of which garnered salmon for trade into China. British Columbia joined the Canada Confederation in 1871.

British Columbia, at 357,216 sq miles, hosts a total is 5.3 million in population; and, Vancouver is the third in city population. 

Investments Into Canada in 2022 totaled $78 Billion; importing $63-Billion in goods. While BC budgets (2024-25) for $72-Billion in revenues / $74-Billion as expenses; while the "interest bite" on servicing its debt is @ 2.8 cents per dollar.

Vancouver Island's major industries of lumber, mining, fisheries and IT continue to generate high interest from global capital sources. BC produces circa 10% of Canada's total 100,000 Mwe of electric power - with most grid systems requiring significant capital injections.

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