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Hello -Vancouver Island Welcomes Your Inquiries - We Do Have Answers For You

2023 is a remarkable year for examining the economic development opportunities for Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The retraction of the Covid-19 impacts upon all sectors of the populace is a reprieve that inspirees investment capital to again generate vigorous examination of all sectors of this economy - and - finding both traditionally stable and progressive opportunities. Plus, the annual 2021-22 BC Budget reflects historical positive trends.

Today, British Columbia's healthy forecasts are reflected in the $1.3 billion budget surplus ($13.5 billion revenues; $3.5 billion over budget expenses; $11-billion improvement over the 2021 budget). The provincial GDP grew by 6.2% @ 1.3% greater than the national 4.9% average. BC's unemployment rate is 6-5%. And, there was $6-billion for infrastructure improvements (education / healthcare & other capital projects}. Debt-to-GDP ratio is 17.9%. And, credit ratings are Aaa to AA+.

Foreign investments into Canada in 2022 reflects substantial confidence in the investments profit / tax burden ratio. BC & Vancouver Island will attract substantial investments into mining and forestry again in 2023. This TD Forecast report stated that BC's economy outgrew Canada's for eight (8) straight years. BC 2022-23 budget  forecasts a $5.7 billion surplus (1.5% of GDP). Real estate prices will depress in 2023.

In summary, our unique set of network associates provides Capital Idea$ Central with core, reliable and transitional "comfort zones" for foreign and domestic capital influx into BC - and - in particular, to this robust Vancouver Island region.

Capital Idea$ Central - Since 1984 - Serving Vancouver Island, BC

Arriving with investment capital; scheduling both macro and micro strategies; maximixing rates of return; with the gravitas of recouping respectable profits after taxation is your traditional focus. Risk management is paramount. Relying upon sophisticated pathfinders is critical - Einstein noted that time is money. Keynes expressed that "markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent".

Further, Keynes reflected that "the importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future.

Your inquiries into our Capital Idea$ Central inventories will provide you with a catalogue of options; with our commentaries of matchmaking to provide you with comfort levels that are both conservative in risk management - and - inspirational with optimism for the global range of options for your investment capital portfolios.

Hence, thank you for arriving at our portal. We look forward to providing you with the early focus for your monies.

Contact Us Via Our Lead Executive - Mr Johnson : Who Will Expedite Your Capital Matchmaking Journey

Brian F Johnson, Principal Emissary - As Below

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